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This bag takes your LiBa-magnify & accessories safely wherever you go. If it is about sharing the ultimate light experience among your friends or moving from one hotel to another. Maybe you are looking to simply store your device safely before its next use, then this LiBa travel pouch is a must-have.

This high-quality travel pouch is handmade in Merseyside UK with incredible care and love. This pouch is made of beautiful tactile materials. The teal inner lining is 100% cotton and the outside is a stone-grey corduroy & white linen. Corduroy is a strong durable fabric often used for work trousers. Despite its hard-wearing property, it is soft and lovely to touch. The upper fabric on the outside is soft linen. Linen allows a very even curl when pulling the drawstrings tight. To make it even cosier and safer for the LiBa-slim, the pouch is additionally padded between the outer and inner fabric. The custom-made string endcaps finish this beautiful product off and give you a tight grip when being on the go with your LiBa-magnify.

Travel Pouch

SKU: 0006
  • -Entirely handmade in Merseyside, UK

    -Made from 100% cotton, linen, corduroy

    -Custom sized for the LiBa-magnify, power supply + USB cable and remote control



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