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Our body temperatures naturally drop in deep meditative & altered states. This embroidered LiBa blanket will keep you warm on your light journey. The blanket is made from 100% cotton. This is the perfect material to keep your body temperature up but also will keep you from sweating if the temperature is a little higher. We consciously chose this blanket because it's heavier than most similar blankets on the market. The weight has a very soothing effect which is perfect for light travellers. The heavy cotton material does not get electrostatically charged as some fleece materials do. The blanked can easily be washed in your washing machine but you will be surprised how little bad smell this fully natural material attracts.

Set and setting are key factors for a transformative light journey and this blanket is the perfect addition to your sacred space.


This is the blanket we use for all light experience events! 

Heavy Cotton Blanket

SKU: 7845
  • Heavy organic cotton planked

    • Size: 185cm x 140cm
    • Weight 1.5kg
    • Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.
    • Hand loomed in India this is made from natural organic materials by local artisans. It is not a mass-produced product.
    • Colour: Natural White / Light Cream
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