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About the Light

How does the light work?

LiBa-magnify is in theory Binaural Beats for your eyes. The LED lights flicker at a specific frequency to which the user’s brainwaves synchronise. This induced state will trigger a range of meditative trance states (altered states of consciousness). The user enters a journey, as the brain’s normal waking (beta) state shifts to either a relaxed (alpha) state or a meditative (theta) state. It is a simple and effective way to teach your brain and body relaxation without experience in meditation.

Important things to know

Take a minute to learn more about pineal gland activation and light bathing.

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What do you have to do?

Lie or sit in a comfortable position. The lamp is placed about an arm's length away from your

face. Wearing headphones and listening to relaxing music can enhance the experience. Keep your eyes closed at all times and enjoy colours and patterns produced by the light.

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Monkey Brain

The experience is the best when you are relaxed and not thinking too much about what you see or feel. This can be difficult for people who never trained there mind to not think.

The light helps to calm down the monkey brain and lets you explore your inner world without distractions.

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What are the Benefits of the Light?

Users of the light have enjoyed benefits like clarity of mind & emotions, reduction in anxiety & stress, a better sense of connection with a larger reality, increased creativity and improved quality of sleep.

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How does it feel?

Common body reactions during the sessions are a feeling of weightlessness, a tickling sensation in the legs and lower torso, a slight numb feeling over the forehead and deep relaxation.  

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What is the Pineal Gland?

The Pineal Gland is a small, pea-shaped part of the brain. Its function is not fully understood yet, but researchers know that it produces and regulates certain hormones, including melatonin, which plays a role in regulating sleep patterns. Together with our lungs it also produces our body own DMT.

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DMT is amongst others the reason why users of the light experience an altered state of consciousness. The flickering light stimulates the brain and its DMT production. DMT is also the psychoactive ingredient in Ayahuasca. Lucid dreaming, kaleidoscopic visions and hallucinations

are common sensations when consuming Ayahuasca or using the lamp.

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Epilepsy and seizures

The device generates high-frequency flickering lights. Anyone prone to seizures or suffering from epilepsy should not use the light. There are no known side effects as the light does not permanently change your brain chemistry. When using LiBa-magnify for the first time, have someone you trust next to you. In case of undiagnosed light hypersensitivity, there is someone to help.

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After a light session, your brainwaves will immediately return to their normal state, although any deeply spiritual experiences may remain with you.

UVA exposure from daylight is 100 times stronger than the light produced by

LiBa-magnify. Taking a light bath will not hurt or damage your eyes. Please use the Liba light as intended and do not look into the light with your eyes open. In case you are feeling unwell during a light session immediately stop. 

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What is Brain Entrainment?

The brain can naturally synchronise its brainwave frequencies with external rhythmic stimuli, usually auditory, visual or tactile.

With LiBa-magnify you are taking advantage of visual stimulation. Your brain can enter five different brainwave states, which range from low-frequency Delta to high-frequency Gamma. These states can bring you a variety of deep relaxation and vivid colourful lucid dream states.

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What is an Altered State of Consciousness?

An altered state of consciousness may imply various states of awareness. These states may be dreaming, sleeping, a drug-induced hallucinogenic state or trance state that clearly differs from the ordinary waking consciousness.

There exist other common experiences that might create altered states of consciousness. Exercising, daydreaming or meditating are effective ways to enter an altered state of consciousness. People often intentionally try to alter their conscious state in order to see the world from a different perspective and feeling stimulated.

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Patterns and Visions

The most obvious effects when using the light, are beautiful colours and patterns emerging behind your eyelids. The lamp solely emits white light. The patterns and colours are entirely created in your brain. Because our brains are perfect in translating lose visual information into faces, landscapes and other real-world objects, those patterns often merge into dreamlike imagery and visions. The visual sensations are differently perceived from person to person but are mostly described as friendly and beautiful. 

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What is a Hypnagogic State?

The use of the light changes the melatonin levels in your brain. Current research shows, when entering sleep, the balance of DMT and melatonin in your brain changes. You feel the transition from an awake state to a sleeping state.  

The hypnagogic state is exactly said transition period.

The flickering light prohibits falling completely asleep and keeps you in this transition period.

The kaleidoscopic patterns turn into lucid thoughts, dreaming and hallucinations.

That is what we call the Light-High.

Ready for your own LiBa-magnify?

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