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LiBa-magnify Manual

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience with the LiBa-magnify dreamachine, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the device before embarking on your light journey. Flashing light therapy is a highly personal experience and users may perceive the light differently based on their unique motivations and circumstances. At LiBa, we take great care in considering all aspects that go into a light experience. It is essential to use the LiBa-magnify safely to feel comfortable during the session. A responsible and safe light traveller understands their equipment well and acts accordingly. To learn more about using the LiBa-magnify safely, please refer to our FAQ page and user manual.

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Current Frequency Tables

The LiBa-magnify features five frequency tables. Each table contains a list of fixed frequencies for the algorithm to choose from. 

  • Fixed 1Hz

  • Alpha

  • Candle

  • C Major Pentatonic

  • Schumann

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Fixed 1Hz

A very easy-going starter program we often use to determine how a newbie reacts to the light. 

This setting is particularly interesting combined with the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). The simple 1Hz frequency generates a nice intensity pulse for the frequency of the LFO. 

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