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The same LiBa-magnify but in a different style.


Both of the LiBa-magnify devices are technically identical, with the only distinction being in their design. The "SE" in the name signifies "Special Edition." You are free to select the device that best aligns with your personal design preference without sacrificing any technical features.


The LiBa-magnify is the latest version of the LiBa light and has been developed based on feedback from around the world gathered over the past 18 months. This battery-powered lamp is perfect for use in places where power sockets are not available, such as in the middle of a forest or under the stars. On a full battery charge, the LiBa-magnify will run for approximately 90 minutes and can be easily charged using a UBC-C charger for your phone.

The LiBa-magnify features a brand new set of LEDs, which have a wider range of color temperatures and LED lenses, resulting in improved performance. The colors and visuals are more vibrant and crisp, even in low-power settings, thanks to the lenses that bundle the light into a narrow circle. This makes it convenient for use in brighter rooms without any washed-out effects.

The LiBa-magnify is passively cooled, so you can relax without any distracting fan noises. The user interface is minimalistic and allows you to focus entirely on your well-being without any distractions from screens or other devices. You can set a session timer, adjust the brightness, or choose your preferred frequency setting with a simple finger touch. The capacitive touch interface replaces buttons, allowing you to make the lamp brighter or dimmer by staying with your finger on one of the touchpads. Press and hold to enter or exit the session timer.

The built-in timer program of the LiBa-magnify offers five different time settings ranging from 10 to 50 minutes. The lamp can also be used without an active timer, and a timed session can be started by touching both touchpads or the start button on the remote control. As soon as the session timer is completed, the lamp turns off by itself, allowing you to slowly come back to reality.

The LiBa-magnify comes with a small four-button remote control, giving you complete control over your light sessions. You can freeze the frequencies with just one click of a button or start/continue your timed light session using the play/continue button. You can also adjust the brightness for optimal comfort during your light bath.

LiBa-magnify SE

SKU: 2000
  • Dimension: 99mm x 123mm x 55mm

    Weight: 330g


    The package includes:

    - LiBa-magnify lamp

    - Remote control

    - USB-C charging cable

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