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LiBa Slim

LiBa-slim Manual


Thanks for purchasing you own LiBa-slim pineal activation lamp. Liba slim is entirely manufactured in the UK, in close collaboration with local businesses and makers. Our products are not mass manufactured so each lamp goes individually through the manufacturing process. All finished LiBa-slim devices are tested for full functionality before being sent to our customers. LiBa-slim is not a medical device and is for recreational use only. Liba-slim is designed to be used in dry environments. Please use your device as intended. 

Set up



  1. Unfold the light stand and adjust its height.

  2. Plug the 90 degrees converter over the silver top part of the light stand. The converter is supposed to be freely swivelling.

  3. Screw the ball head to the converter.

  4. Loosen the tightening screw on the ball head and screw the lamp onto the ball head.

  5. Plug the ACDC adapter in your LiBa-slim and provide power through a wall socket.

  6. Turn it on: Flick the switch on the back of the device. The indicator LEDs on the top flash up once. The LiBa logo on the front also lights up. Your LiBa-slim is now ready for operation.

LiBa Lightbath Ball Head



Brightness Adjustment

When LiBa-slim is turned ON

(Logo on the front is lid up)


Continuous touch:

"+" Touch-Button to make lamp brighter

"--" Touch-Button to make lamp dimmer

Release your finger as soon as you reach the desired brightness


The 5 brightness adjustments are indicated with the LEDs between the touch buttons.

LiBa Lightbath Indicator leds

Session Timer

Your LiBa-slim has an integrated session timer. You can choose from five different time settings 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min, 50min.

Set a session timer

  1. Press both touch buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds, until all indicator LEDs light up, except the one on the right is flashing.

  2. The flashing LED indicates the current time setting.

  3. Hold the "--" or "+" touch button to adjust your desired session time.

  4. Start a timed session: Hold the "--" and "+" touch button until the lamp returns to the brightness menu or press Button 2 on the remote. 

Exit time menu & cancel timed sessions

Exit time menu without a timer set: Hold the "--"  touch button until you return to the brightness adjustment menu.

Cancel running timed sessions:

  1. Enter time mode by holding the "--" and "+" for 2 seconds.

  2. Hold the "--"  touch button until you return to the brightness adjustment menu.

LiBa Slim Time Setting




LiBa slim comes with a remote control which gives you full control over your light sessions.

Button 1 

Freezes the currently played frequencies.

Read more about that in the "Freeze frequencies" section of this manual.

Button 2 

  • Start timed session

  • Continue frozen frequencies

Button 3/4

Brightness control during the light session.

Button 3 = Decrease brightness

Button 4 = Increase brightness

LiBa Lightbath Remote

Sync your remote control

The remote control comes synchronised with your LiBa-slim.

In case your remote stops working replace the battery, otherwise follow these steps.

  1. Restart your LiBa-slim.

  2. Hold the "--" and "+" touch button for 10 seconds until the indicator LEDs start flashing interchangeably.

  3.  Press Button 1 on your remote control. LiBa-slim indicates the first received signal.

  4.  Press Button 2,3,4 on your remote one after another. LiBa-slim indicates the received signals.

  5. When all four signals are received, LiBa-slim automatically exits the synchronisation program.

  6. Restart you LiBa-slim

Replacement Remotes are available here.

New remotes have to be synced the same way.

Light Sessions

Light Sessions


In order to get the most out of your experience, you should consider your setting.

  • Position your device about 50cm-80cm (20"-30") away from your face.

  • Lie or sit in a comfortable position.

  • Use your LiBa-slim in a quiet and safe environment.

  • It is advised to turn off other distracting devices like radio and television. Ideally set your smartphone into flight mode.

  • Turn the room lights down.

  • Listening to relaxing music or binaural beats may enhance the experience.

  • Heavy meals, alcohol and drugs can influence the light session negatively. Only use LiBa-slim when you feel healthy and mentally sound.

LiBa Lightbath device Distance graphic

Play with Brightness during Sessions

Brightness control during a light session adds another dimension to the experience. We suggest increasing and decreasing the brightness during light sessions through your remote control.

Visuals can change drastically when changing from high brightness to a rather dim setting and vice versa. A commonly perceived change is the impression of flipped colours.

Practical use of brightness adjustments during a light session.

  1. Let your mind and body adjust to the visuals and sensations.

  2. When sensations and visuals become uneventful adjust the brightness up or down with Button 3 and 4 on the remote control.

  3. Observe changes

  4. Adjust brightness in the opposite direction again, when desired.

Kaleidoscope pattern

LiBa Frequency Algorithm

Frequency Algorythm

Frequency Algorithm

In order to understand how LiBa-slim frequency programs work, we need to understand the mechanics behind the LiBa-slim device. A LiBa-slim user does not need to program the light sessions by himself. Other pineal gland activation products on the market require a PC to run the session program. LiBa-slim does not require external devices or session program installations.

During the development of LiBa-slim, we intensely tested the user's perception of visuals and patterns in connection to different frequencies. We could not find a connection between perceived frequencies and frequencies played by the lamp. A fixed sequence of frequencies which make up a session program is not only perceived differently from person to person, it is also completely different from day to day for a single individual. That is why LiBa-slim has an internal frequency algorithm.

Algorithmic Fade In and Out

Liba-slim continuously applies new settings for each LED.

The combination of those played settings creates a frequency pattern.

How a single LED is turning on, is determined by its applied fade-in value. A fading action results in an LED going from dark to bright over a longer period of time or an immediate switch from off to on. LiBa-slim is capable of producing anything between these two states. The same principle applies to turning off the LED.



The combination of the fade in and out action generates a waveform per LED. 

Fade In/Out info graphic


LiBa-slim continuously applies a duration for a certain amount of time per LED, until it gets new values (frequency, fade values & duration) applied. This duration is not fixed and changes all the time. Meaning, one LED can retain its settings, whilst another LED changes its values three times.

LiBa light wave pattern

Control over Sessions

LiBa-slim randomly generates new frequency patterns for the user. Our primary focus is on the user's perception of the light, followed by what the lamp is generating. At all times, the user is in control whether he likes or dislikes a played session program. As soon as the user is particularly pleased by the played frequency, he can simply pause the algorithm. This is what we call freezing frequencies.  As soon as the effects are weakening, LiBa-slim is ready to create a new experience for the user by pressing Button 2 (unfreeze frequencies) on the remote control.

Freezing Frequencies

During the light session, mindfully observe with closed eyes the patterns and colours. In case you are finding a particularly generated pattern very pleasant: 

  1. Press Button 1 on the remote. LiBa-slim will now stop generating new frequency patterns.

  2. Enjoy the effects for as long as you wish.

  3. Adjust brightness to further control your experience. See "playing with brightness during sessions" section of this manual.

  4. If you feel ready for a new frequency pattern, press Button 2 on the remote control. LiBa-slim will now generate new patterns for you.

Accuracy Adjustment

A change in this setting results in a broader or narrower frequency spectrum. A maximum accuracy will result in all four LED's playing nearly the same frequency generated by the algorithm 

  1. Hold the "--" and "+" touch button for 4 seconds.

  2. Adjust with the "--" or "+" touch button the accuracy. (no indicator LED lit up = no accuracy) & (indicator LED on the right = full accuracy) 

  3. Hold the "--" and "+" touch button until you return to the brightness adjustment menu. LiBa-slim will keep your setting for future sessions saved.

After your light session

After you light session

The light does not permanently change your brain chemistry in any way, so there are no side effects. Your brainwaves will quickly return to their normal state after the session, although any deeply spiritual experiences may remain with you. At the end of a timed session, LiBa-slim turns automatically off. That gives you a moment to slowly come back to reality. Just give yourself a minute to self reflect and relax, but you will be fine to drive or continue your day.

There is no need for sobering up.


You can use your LiBa-slim as often you want. The right dose is what makes you feel good. People use their devices as often as every day and for others, once a week is sufficient. 

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