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Lightbath One on One sessions

Transformative light experience sessions

Meet one of our LiBa-guides and join us on a transformative personal journey. Experience the LiBa light dreamachine in the perfect set and setting and forget about your busy life for a short while. We offer a safe place for you to relax and share. Our One-on-One sessions are guided by skilled individuals with a lot of experience in teaching personal growth and holistic healing methods.

Encounter your senses

Exploring Altered States of Consciousness


Activate your inner piece and explore altered states of consciousness through the Liba light lath experience. We will guide you through an immersive and deep dive journey into the qualia of your consciousness, through ‘lightwave technology’ and meaningful holistic practices.

What is Qualia?


Qualia is part of the phenomenon of consciousness. It includes all of your senses:  sight, touch, olfactory, sound and your raw feelings, thoughts and emotive responses. Qualia is typically considered to be private and individual to the person experiencing it and ineffable by nature.

Meet The Guides

Our Services

We also do light experience events

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