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We have tried dozens of cushions and neck supports but this is the one who rules them all. This cushion is a must-have for the light traveller who appreciates a comfortable light journey. The squishy soft texture of the neck roll moulds itself perfectly onto the body and supports the head and neck without the need for further adjustment. There is an immediate warm sensation happening when you place your head on this cushion without being sweaty or clammy in the summer.

The microbead neck roll is protected with an embroidered jersey cover. This fabric is usually used on T-shirts and is very uncomplicated to wash in your washing machine. The cover doesn't have any buttons or zippers which might compromise the comfort. The elastic jersey fabric hugs itself around the cushion and stays in position without slipping off.


This is the cushion we use for all of our light experience events!

Microbead Neck Roll

  • Lightweight and super comfortable

    • The cushion is made with hyperelastic nylon fabric filled with microbeads.
    • Cover made from cotton jersey with embroidered logo
    • Specifications:
      Length - 33cm  Diameter - 16cm
      Weight: 0.1kg
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