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Face your inner Light

With LiBa pineal gland activation products. 

Accessing a different state of consciousness was never so easy.

LiBa-magnify is designed to bring you to a deep meditative trance state within minutes. Your deep personal transformation is just one click away.

Benefit from: 

  • Enhanced creativity

  • More energy and happiness

  • Quick and long-lasting relaxation

  • Better sleep

  • More balanced emotional state

LiBa - light + accessories

The LiBa-magnify

The LiBa-magnify is the result of the valued feedback we have gathered over the past years.  Taking a light bath in close proximity to a power plug is a thing of the past. The LiBa-magnify is battery-powered and ready to be used wherever your heart and soul desire. We've chosen a brand new set of LEDs with a more balanced colour temperature and paired them with a set of lenses that bundle light to a delicious hotspot of pure bliss. The power button and charging port are situated on the side of the device now. This opens the possibility of fitting your device to any tripod available. Compared to the LiBa-slim we reduced the weight and height of the LiBa-magnify by more than 40%.

LiBa-magnify features completely overhauled firmware. Instead of switching to the next frequencies, the LiBa-magnify comes with smoother transitions and with a choice of five frequency modes you can enjoy the light bath that suits you best. 

LiBa magnify device

Testimonials and Reviews

What is light bathing and pineal gland activation?

Everything you should know before jumping in the light pool.

Black and White Relax Icon

Relax and enjoy

Watch flickering lights through your closed eyes. Enjoy wonderful colours and patterns emerge behind your eyelids in deep relaxation.

Black and white Icon for Growth and Dreaming

Growth and Empowerment

Your brainwaves naturally start to synchronise with the flickering lights.

Achieve deep relaxation and a hypnagogic state in minutes.

Black white icon inner guidance

A Guide to your inner Self

The easiest way to enter a meditative trance state, without experience in meditation. LiBa-slim provides you with a safe and easy access to an altered state of consciousness. 

Black and white Icon Sober living

No sobering up

Do it whenever and wherever you want. Light bathing is a wonderful journey without absorbing the whole day. After a light session, you will be able to work and drive.

Join one of our events

Our events are the perfect opportunity for you to try the LiBa light and meet like-minded people.

Illuminate your path to inner peace with Lightbath. Let the gentle glow guide you to relaxation and rejuvenation.
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