Face your inner Light

With LiBa pineal gland activation products. 

Accessing a different state of consciousness was newer so easy.

LiBa-slim is designed to bring you a deep meditative trance state within minutes. Your deep personal transformation is just one click away.

Benefit from: 

  • Enhanced creativity

  • More energy and happiness

  • Quick and long-lasting relaxation

  • Better sleep

  • More balanced emotional state

LiBa - slim

Why choosing LiBa

LiBa-slim is by far the most affordable pineal activation product on the market. We are a strong believer in our technology and want to give you access to it. LiBa-slim is powered by a brand new frequency generating algorithm. Our lamps are the only devices on the market which give you the control over your personal light sessions with our LiBa remote control. Alter the brightness and freeze frequencies with just one press of a button. We manufacture lamps that will bring you a lot of benefits in your life.

  • Accessible and affordable

  • No session programming necessary

  • Easy to use

  • Remote controlled 

  • Compact and lightweight


From Our Customers

“I'm using my LiBa-slim three to four times a week. It never gets boring and I find myself always in a beautiful space of colours and patterns. Since I'm using the lamp I'm living with a lot of inner peace and wisdom.”


What is light bathing and pineal gland activation?

Everything you should know before jumping in the light pool.


Relax and enjoy

Watch flickering lights through your closed eyes. Enjoy wonderful colours and patterns emerge behind your eyelids in deep relaxation.


Growth and Empowerment

Your brainwaves naturally start to synchronise with the flickering lights.

Achieve deep relaxation and a hypnagogic state in minutes.


A Guide to your inner Self

The easiest way to enter a meditative trance state, without experience in meditation. LiBa-slim provides you with a safe and easy access to an altered state of consciousness. 


No sobering up

Do it whenever and wherever you want. Light bathing is a wonderful journey without absorbing the whole day. After a light session, you will be able to work and drive.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.

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